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Advanced Internet Services



  1. selecting content for your website.
  2. learning to update/build your website yourself.
  3. website promotional ideas/techniques
  4. internet marketing ideas/techniques
  5. where to find valuable free internet resources.
  6. learn how to navigate the internet easily (saving you hours of your valuable time).


If you are starting a new online business we can assist you with everything. This includes, but is not limited to, registering your business, making a business plan, making a marketing plan, making a website content plan, making a website marketing plan and implementing all plans.


We can show you how to design, produce and update your own website using Microsoft Frontpage and HTML. We offer in office and/or in home instruction.


A site on the internet that never changes isn't very interesting. You can make your site interesting by updating/changing your website on a regular basis. This will keep visitors coming back.

We can show you how to do this yourself or we can do the updates/changes for you. If you wish to do-it-yourself we will provide on-site consultation or over the phone consultation. If you want us to do the updates/changes for you, the fees are:

1-3 pages $15/page
4-6 pages $12/page
7 + pages $10page

These rates are for text and image/picture modifications. If you want us to scan your picture(s) as part of an update there is a $10/picture fee.


You can call us and we will refer you to a reputable company in the Greater Toronto Area. If you need assistance in purchasing a computer we can save you time and money.

Free 30 minute telephone consultation.

Ask any questions you have about a website idea, your present website or the internet. Call today to arrange a time for your free consultation. Offer valid to any company/individual located in Southern Ontario.

E-mail us at

E-mail us at

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