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1. Custom: individually made from a positive image of the individual’s anatomy, fabricated according to the needs of that individual.

2. Customized: mass-produced and then modified to fit an individual.

3. Custom-made shoe: shoe that is individually patterned and made over a modified positive model of the individual’s foot. Custom-made shoes can be therapeutic or standard.

4. Custom-molded shoe: Shoe that is individually made by a molded process over a modified positive model of the individual’s foot. Custom-molded shoes can be therapeutic or standard.

5. Depth shoe: any shoe that has a full length, heel to toe inlay; when it is removed, it must provide a minimum of 3/16” of additional internal depth.

6. Functional: design with the primary goal of controlling an individual’s anatomical function, such as providing support or stability, or assisting ambulation.

7 Footwear: anything worn on the foot, such as shoes, slippers or socks. Footwear can be protective, accommodative, functional, therapeutic, standard, decorative, or a combination.

8. Shoes: a form of footwear which provides protective covering. For the purpose of these definitions, the term shoe includes but is not limited to, shoes, boots, slippers, sandals.

9. Standard custom shoe: non-therapeutic, individually constructed shoe.

10. Therapeutic custom shoe: a shoe designed and fabricated to an individual’s medical condition. A therapeutic custom shoe is made over a modified positive model of the individual’s foot and can be either custom molded or custom made.

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